We support businesses in all stagesof expanding into new markets. 

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To ensure you land in the UK ready to go, we’ll think carefully about practicalities, cultural differences, and logistics before you make a move.


You’re here! Time to get cracking and make the most of your time on the ground. We’ll start with a strategy day to get everything ready to go.


Business is up and running. Now what? We’ll continue to offer guidance to make sure you keep growing once the nuts and bolts are in place.


Throughout it all, we’ll keep you connected to the people you need to know to run your business (and have drinks with when it’s all said and done).

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 MUTE: A Global Front Room client success story

MUTE delivers highly efficient, low cost electric scooters to everyone from fleet owners to individual commuters — they’re very fun!

“From the very first meeting, Laura started delivering value; she organized a speaking opportunity at one of the London Tech Week events, she used her network effectively to raise awareness about the campaign, which resulted in very useful meetings and business relationships. Laura has a quality reach on both social media and business orientated professional networks.

I sincerely can’t recommend Laura enough and would use her again at the nearest foreseeable opportunity.”

Natasha Terinova, UK Director of Operations, MUTE

 Here’s how we worked with Mute

Connected MUTE with the Global Front Room community
Raised brand awareness through targeted media campaigns
Got MUTE profiled by a top tech journalist
Placed Natasha on a panel during London Tech Week
MUTE hosted a successful crowdfunding campaign, exceeding their goal by 30%
MUTE signed deals with several delivery firms and are on their way to being a leader in their industry!

Meet another Global Front Room client: The Rattle!

What people are saying about Global Front Room

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Chris Howard

Music Entrepreneur & Investor
I’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with Laura off and on for the last few years. Not only is she one of the most determined and capable person I’ve ever come across, she also has the very unique ability to sit comfortably in the world of startups and the world of ‘big businesses’. She has many strengths and talents as far as I’m concerned, but I wouldn’t hesitate in an instant to work with her on things like (but not exclusively for) – scaling a startup in nee markets, partnership development, operational expertise etc.
Basically, she’s ace.

Natasha Terinova

Director of Operations, MUTE
From the very first meeting, Laura started delivering value; she organized a speaking opportunity at one of the London Tech Week events, she used her network effectively to raise awareness about the campaign, which resulted in very useful meetings and business relationships. Laura has a quality reach on both social media and business orientated professional networks.
I sincerely can’t recommend Laura enough and would use her again at the nearest foreseeable opportunity.

Daniel Griffin

Consultant, Asset Management
I have known Laura for some time and have always been impressed with her strategic value add, not just in IB and AM space, but more recently via her consultancy venture. Her understanding of social media channels and how this can be used to open up new client opportunities is top tier. She also has a unique skill tool kit coupled with the gravitas and technical expertise to communicate complex issues into simple language.
I have always found her strategic ‘smarts’ to open up new perspectives for my own client base.

Michael Kelley

Programme and Technology Leader
I’ve known Laura since 2011, where we worked together on a major programme at BlackRock. Laura is strategic in her thinking, but is always creative and pragmatic, looking for opportunities to deliver incremental benefit over time, building toward the ultimate vision. Recently Laura consulted on a piece of work for a startup. She provided sound business advice, and deftly guided our strategic thinking through the planning process. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Eva Mulder

Former Client
Every sentence I said, Laura was able to turn into a business idea, future blog post or a way how to handle my business in the future. If I was insecure about how to start out in the beginning, Laura showed me a way how to do it. I am so grateful to have met her all those years ago. Laura is a great mentor and consultant and she still is and will always be my go-to address when I need business advise.

Carey Benn

Entrepreneur, Senior Manager and Former Client
Laura is delightful to work with. She is the person who delivers their objectives, helps you to deliver yours, offers a solution to the problem that you have been moaning about and then wants to go for a drink to celebrate. Working with Laura will achieve great results in a fun and collaborative way, it is all an absolute blast!

Steve Rumbles

Managing Director, BlackRock
Laura was a well organised approachable client account manager who was popular with all of her clients and praised for her delivery on promises made and knowledge of subject matter.
Her programme management skills were extremely useful in the member communications field when designing major comms delivery programmes for clients’ staff measured by successful high take up rates when measured against client expectations.

Elias Patel

Sales Director at Oracle Communications
Laura is a dynamic and committed business professional with a proven track record of achieving targets and business outcomes under pressure and in complex environments. Her entrepreneurial flair and energy is underpinned by deep expertise across a number of management disciplines and sectors with both early stage and large corporate organisations.

Miles Shackley

Communications Manager, BlackRock
Laura was extremely thorough and meticulous, leaving nothing to chance and no stone unturned. She approached every project with the same level of drive and focus, and their success was due in no small part to her dedication in seeing the job through from early draft to completion.
She is without doubt one of the most outstanding and capable individuals I’ve ever been fortunate enough to work with and learn from. I would have no hesitation in recommending Laura and her work. Well-informed, approachable, and always willing to answer a direct questions with a direct answer.

Natasha Treadway

Director, BlackRock
Laura is an amazing blend of efficiency, organization and confidence. She is a natural leader who has the gift of seeing the “big picture” and identifying each individual’s key talents in order to bring out the best.
She is also a rare mix of talents — an excellent project manager with a strong technical skill base and superb problem-solving skills. Even though she wasn’t training or managing me, I learned something new from her every day.
Her enthusiastic, optimistic attitude was contagious and motivated and energized everyone she came in contact with. I was genuinely excited to be part of what she was creating.

Meet Laura:She’ll be yourvirtual COO &business ambassadorin the UK.Laura hasall the connectionsthat can makethings happenfor your business.

Laura Mercurio is an experienced change agent with over 15 years’ experience in the financial services sector, specialising in innovation programs and intra-preneurial transformations for multinational corporates.

Previously Laura was a Director as BlackRock as part of the Global COO team, where she integrated two of the largest and highest profile acquisitions in the asset management industry and witnessed first hand, the transition of BlackRock from a small organic growth model to one of the largest asset management firms in the world.

In 2016, Laura created Global Front Room with the aim of connecting and servicing small to medium enterprise (SME) communities across the Commonwealth. In particular, to encourage investment, assist in access to efficient technologies and provide practical support to businesses seeking to “plan, land, and expand” into European and Australian and New Zealand markets.


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