Ok, so you’re a business with a product to sell and money to make. It’s inevitable that as you venture into new markets in new countries, there’s going to be a fair swag of marketing involved. As much as you’re keen to utilize social media, dealing with the press is to be expected, especially if you are launching a product, hosting an event or crowdfunding.

One of the best ways to help journalists is to compile a press kit. Put simply, a press kit is a collection of resources that help someone get to know you. Think of it a bit like a resume for your company. But it’s not a pitch deck so don’t put something in there asking for investment (a bad look).

Instead, focus on any information that will assist a journalist in understanding you and your product in the best light. This should include:

  • Current/recent press releases
  • Information about your latest product/event/award/release
  • Product specs if you are selling a product and not a service
  • High-resolution images of your product/service in action


  • Quotes from senior management or clients
  • Recent press publications and articles

Sure you might be dying for an interview because you have lots of say about how awesome you are, but journalists are always on deadlines. Really, depending on their angle, a press kit should provide a great amount of information in a succinct way meaning that an interview isn’t necessary. Trust me, if we have questions, we’ll ask.

Journalists always want photos for articles. They should be text and logo free and preferably not have the founder in every shot. Make them good, otherwise, we have to spend precious time before deadline trawling through your Facebook and linked in pages looking for a suitable image or two. Good article images make an article easier to promote as it increases the likelihood that a link will be clicked.

Some companies keep their press kit on their website, whilst others send it to journalists upon request. You might be tempted to hold back, but really your chances of being included in a roundup article or to fill a gap in the paper are far greater if accessible via your website.

A press kit should be maintained regularly to ensure that your information is current. It may seem time-consuming but it will be worth it, especially if it helps get you airtime, interviews or great write-ups.