If you’re on the fence about hiring someone in a faraway land to help launch your business in a new market, that’s understandable. It’s a big leap to take, and you want to be sure you have the best people on your side of the ring as you’re making this happen. If you need a little convincing that a virtual COO in your new market is the right choice, here are a few of the primary advantages:

On-the-Ground Talent

It’s 2018. Of course we can get a lot of work done online from anywhere in the world. But for some things, nothing beats having a person on the ground. There are countless errands, meetings, and events that your international COO can handle for you that you’d otherwise miss out on. Hiring a virtual COO in the market you’re planning to enter before you’re ready to open up shop ensures that you won’t miss out on anything though. That person will be able to scope out locations, meet with potential investors, target customers, and attend networking events as an ambassador for your business. That is simply irreplaceable.


Imagine trying to run your business right now without your network of colleagues and friends. It would be impossible, wouldn’t it? So why would you jump into an expansion in a market where you’re not well-connected?

Not only will your international COO be able to handle the day-to-day of your business in your target market, but they’ll also know what they should be handling and who to talk to. Business is still, in many ways, about who you know. Hiring a virtual COO who already has connections galore from running their own business is going to ensure that you hit the ground running before you even get to your new market.

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In timezone

Timezones and time differences are just one of those simple but annoying facts of life. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand and trying to expand into the UK, every interaction is going to take three times as long as you wait for returned phone calls and emails from the other side of the world. Remember: Australia and New Zealand are 10-13 hours ahead of the UK!

A virtual COO in the UK, however, will be set up to be much more efficient since they’ll be able to cut out the time difference. Since their business day will match up with the people they need to connect with to make things happen, everything will get done much more quickly!

There are plenty of tools to keep you in touch with your virtual COO even though they are far away. You can rely on Slack, Zoom, and Skype for chatting or those early morning or late night calls. As a part of your team, it is also likely a good idea to give your COO access to your PM tools like Trello or Asana.

Follow the Sun

Another benefit of a COO in another timezone is that your business will never (or rarely) sleep. When you check out for the day, your virtual COO might be just getting started. You can leave notes or messages or emails with your thoughts and tasks from the day, and they can seamlessly take over for you. You’ll wake up the next day to an inbox full of ideas and completed tasks.

Business nowadays moves at lightning speed. If there is a last-minute opportunity that needs immediate attention or an event that pops up at the eleventh hour, or even a roundtable dinner that fits your business, then your COO can attend for you! Your COO can always be increasing your presence and your brand. Firefighting happens more often than we plan for, and it is helpful to have the team in place to put out fires before they come up.

Brand-Building and Exposure

It’s difficult to build a brand from afar, especially when you’re not an expert in the culture of the place that your business is moving into. Hiring a person who’s already immersed in that culture will put you two steps ahead and help you avoid any silly mistakes or faux pas that might come up from a foreigner. And remember, one of the best reasons to hire a virtual COO is to get access to their connections. Your virtual COO can leverage their network to help build your brand, whether it’s getting started on a full-scale ad campaign or just mentioning what you’re working on over drinks with colleagues at the pub.

Objective Advice

A COO in your target market is truly the only way to make sure that your strategy is on point. A virtual COO will have the experience and skills to make sure that you’re not wasting time on ideas and efforts that won’t get results, and you’ll always be sure that they’re “giving it to you straight,” so to speak. Since their business success is wrapped up in your business success, you know you’ll be able to trust the advice they give and rely on them through all parts of this process.

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