This Is Why the Media Ignores Your Emails

Dealing with the media is a necessary evil if you want to get yourself noticed. I’m a tech journalist and freelance writer. I talk to hundreds of SMEs, start-ups, fortune 500 companies, investors and industry experts every year. I receive thousands of press releases and invitations to events. Unfortunately I find that many businesses, especially those just starting out, make the same mistakes again and again. Here are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them:

Tech Scene Spotlight: Wellington, New Zealand

When you think of New Zealand you might not think of a burgeoning tech scene. Historically the New Zealand has focused on agriculture and food exports to sustain its economy and more recently the film industry has put New Zealand on the map. But cities such as Wellington contain thriving tech scene which is characterised by startups that have as much to offer as those in larger cities.

Yes, You Need a Press Kit

Ok, so you’re a business with a product to sell and money to make. It’s inevitable that as you venture into new markets in new countries, there’s going to be a fair swag of marketing involved. As much as you’re keen to utilize social media, dealing with the press is to be expected, especially if you are launching a product, hosting an event or crowdfunding.