Living in Europe I am surrounded by a local population that loves cake and other sweet treats.  It feels like there’s a bakery on every corner and friends, family and colleagues gather together regularly to enjoy caffeine and a sweet treat. I was amused to learn that for birthdays, the birthday person is required to bring their own cake for their colleagues to enjoy- a far cry from my experiences in Australia where birthday afternoon tea rosters were as common as cleaning schedules and the scheduled person could bring either cake or a cheese platter.

My interest was piqued when I came across CakeDrop, a London based company that offers an office cake delivery service.  We spoke to founder Anna Ward. She explained that she left a career in marketing to devote herself to cake.

She explained that:

“The inspiration came from simply working in offices and recognising the need for a better solution. Cake is a huge part of office culture in London – whether it’s a birthday, work anniversary, or simply a hungry team, there’s always a welcomed excuse for baked treats.

Despite the fact that London is home to some of the best bakeries and cake shops in the world, the majority of offices only ever indulge in the same old, mass-produced supermarket cake.”

It also follows Brits aren’t the best when it comes to organising celebrations, with Anna noting:

“No matter how often office celebrations come around, they always seem to be a bit last-minute. This sparked the idea to give office workers the tools to be more organised whilst also connecting them with the best cake our city has to offer.”

The process is simple. Offices can choose a cake depending on the number of hungry people and book the delivery through CakeDrop’s website. The company partners with a number of independent bakeries around London to provide a variety of cakes including gluten free and vegan varieties.  As Anna details:

“Our business is about offering variety by partnering with a range of independent bakeries around London and allowing our customers to sample all kinds of exciting cakes. Our packages model, online scheduling tool and support for local businesses also sets us apart from others in the market.

Our goal is not just to supply cake but to change behaviours around having cake in the office (making it less last-minute and more cost-effective) whilst also creating a new route to market for local bakeries”.


The idea of cake delivery conjures up scenarios of toppling cakes, but the business uses a specially designed CakeTrike for their delivery and hasn’t had a disaster yet. Interestingly one of CakeDrop’s biggest challenges has been their disruption of cake buying. As Anna discussed:

“Being a new kind of food business means educating the market on the concept. People are unfamiliar with the model of buying and scheduling cake in advance so it’s up to us to demonstrate the benefits of CakeDrop so that London offices can save time, money, and most importantly, enjoy better cake!”

CakeDrop currently delivers to all postcodes in London Zone 1 but as they grow the business hopes to be able to service the whole of London, by increasing their fleet of CakeTrikes and setting up multiple hubs around the city.  Anna explains, “After that, it would be fantastic to extend CakeDrop to other towns and cities in the UK… there are plenty of offices in need of cake!