Unusual winter weather in London is costing £1 billion per day this last week. And yes, you read that number right. While places that are a bit more used to winter weather have the infrastructure to deal with snow and below-zero temperatures without missing a beat, that’s just not the case in the U.K. And maybe so far that has been cost-effective. After all, when snow is a rarity, why invest in an army of snow plows?

But with unpredictable weather becoming more, well, predictable all the time, it’s got us thinking: how can going digital help to future-proof your business?

Flexible, remote staff

When inclement weather or any other barrier to getting into the office comes up, what’s your staff to do? Many businesses ask employees to make their best efforts to get into the office, which only ends up with late, frazzled team members who can’t possibly be at their best. The other option is to just call it and take a snow day, which obviously leads to lost productivity too. None of this is the future of work.

What if your team could open up their laptops in the comfort of their cozy homes and get to work? With virtual team members, there’s no such thing as a snow day.

Keeping customers up to date

Do you have a plan for handling unexpected disruptions to your work? If you can’t get back to your clients or answer customers in your usual timeframe, do you have a plan to notify them?

A bit of snow doesn’t mean business comes to a halt. Especially if you have customers or clients elsewhere who aren’t dealing with the same weather or other event, slick roads aren’t going to be an excuse to go AWOL. This is another advantage of a virtual team — no matter what happens, someone’s bound to be able to jump in and take care of things.

Look at it as an opportunity (and let your virtual COO help!)

Winter weather can be quite a bummer, but there’s always a bright side. How can you take a snow day and use it to your advantage? For those who are stuck at home, they’re bound to be bored and spending more time online than usual. This can be a great time to offer discounts or run promotions and get your business or product in front of lots of idle eyes!

Everything is an opportunity to pivot your business. No matter what has slowed you down, there’s always a way to flip it around and use it to your benefit. This is another reason that a strategic, tactical virtual COO is an asset! That will be the person you can rely on to get creative when the unexpected happens.

And if you’re still not sure about all of this, we get it. Investing in changes to your business to ensure you’re prepared for every “what if” might not always be the best idea. That’s something a virtual COO could help you figure out though!